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Make sure that your child is actually yours.  A paternity test or dna test will determine this.  Please come get your Paternity Test Dallas, Tx.Paternity Inc.

Paternity Inc. Is a trusted contractor performing Paternity Testing and DNA Testing with Laboratory Corporation of America which is AABB and ISO 17025 accredited.  Our paternity tests and DNA tests provide the most accurate and conclusive results available at very affordable rates.  Our DNA collection sites are open 7 days a week and offer evening and weekend appointments.  We only accept one appointment per hour, at each location, to ensure the utmost privacy to our clients.  Paternity, Inc. is a company you can trust to deliver accurate, timely results for your DNA testing needs.  We have multiple offices throughout the DFW/Ft. Worth Metroplex to serve you and ever offer mobile services - we'll come to you.

Here the top 5 common reasons people get a DNA test done:

1.  To establish paternity:  From cases where a mother files a paternity suit again a man for child support to cases where the presumed father files a case against the mother for custody or visitation rights, it is important to identify the biological relationship between the man and child in question.  In order to satisfy a court of law, a legal DNA paternity test will need to be performed.

2.  To establish rights to an inheritance:  Situations can arise in inheritance cases where unknown or known, but disputed, children of a deceased parent file claim to an inheritance.  Having a legal DNA paternity test completed will clear up any doubts and ensure those who are entitled to an inheritance are treated fairly in the case.

3.  To identify "biological" parent:  It is common for children who are raised by adopted parents or conceived through donor conception to have a desire to find and identify their "real" mother and/or father.  In instances where a married couple divorces, when a child is young, and the child is raised by another man who many assume a father role in the child's life, there is often a need, once the child grows up, to meet and have a relationship with their biological father.

4.  To confirm sibling relationships:  When 2 or more people believe that they may be siblings, a DNA paternity test on each sibling will determine if they indeed share a common father; however, this will not tell them who the father is.

5.  To obtain Social Security & Life Insurance Benefits:  When a father is deceased and legal paternity has not been established or paternity is being questioned, Social Security and life insurance claims may require proof of paternity.  In these type of cases, a medical examiner would be court ordered to obtain a DNA sample.

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The Technology of Paternity DNA Testing

Paternity testing is based on the Mendelian Inheritance - Each child has a unique DNA profile inherited equally from each parent.

Samples of material containing DNA taken from the mother, alleged father are characterized.  By comparing the DNA profile of the mother and child, the maternal contribution to the child can be determined.  The Child's DNA characteristics not found in the mother are the characteristics of the biological father.

The DNA characteristics of the biological father are then compared to the alleged father's DNA profile.  If the alleged father's DNA profile does not match the profile of the biological father, paternity of the child by the alleged father is excluded.  The biological father has not been identified.  If the alleged father's DNA profile matches the biological father's profile, the findings are compatible with paternity.

Paternity Inc Laboratories, often achieves a Probability of Paternity of at least 99.999% - indicating that there is only a minute 0.0001% probability that another random individual in the population could have the same paternity test results and be the child's father.

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