Paternity Testing / DNA Testing (**Hablamos Espanol**) - WEEKEND AND EVENING APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE !!!!!!!!
Make sure that your child is actually yours.  A paternity test or dna test will determine this.  Please come get your Paternity Test Dallas, Tx.
 214-766-1336 / Spanish callers please call 888-501-3610.

"NON-CHAIN" OF CUSTODY DNA TEST/PATERNITY TEST: $199(Non-legal or Informational)
"CHAIN "OF CUSTODY DNA TEST / PATERNITY TEST:  $299 (Legal will uphold in court for Child Support, Immigration, Birth Certificate Changes)

DNA Tests & Paternity Tests 7 days a week so that you DON'T have to miss a day of work !
Are you being told you’re the father of a child?  Do you have doubts, or simply want to know for sure?  The only definitive way to know if you are a child’s father is to have the baby’s DNA tested.  That’s what we at Paternity,Inc. do.  We offer paternity tests & DNA tests to answer questions for men who want peace of mind by letting them know the truth.

We offer two types of paternity testing:  Non-Chain of Custody DNA Testing and Chain of Custody DNA Testing.  Paternity Inc. is a trusted contractor with Laboratory Corporation of America. Labcorp is AABB and ISO 17025 Accredited. Paternity Inc. is a licensed distributor of genetic testing services.
Non-Chain of Custody DNA Testing is for private information and peace of mind only. The results of this paternity test will not hold up in court should you be involved in a paternity law suit.  They will, however, provide results that are 99.99% accurate, so you will truly know the answer to the question being asked.  The process is very informal—no ID or Social Security Number is required.  DNA tests can be done at a walk-in clinic or you can take advantage of our mobile service, and the paternity test results can be mailed to you.  Cost is $199.

Chain of Custody DNA Testing is a much more formal and controlled process because the findings WILL stand up in court.  All participants must produce legal government photo IDs (birth certificates for children) and will be photographed and fingerprinted.  Strict records are kept of the DNA material throughout the DNA testing process to be able to prove in court that the samples were kept pure. All paternity test samples are taken by a neutral third party location.  Cost is $299.

Paternity, Inc. uses an accredited laboratory. Our paternity test results are guaranteed for accuracy at 99.99%.  They are also guaranteed to be completed within 3 to 5 business days from the day the lab receives samples. 
Paternity Inc. is a licensed distributor of paternity testing and DNA testing which serves the Dallas, Houston and FortWorth areas.  Our paternity tests and DNA tests provide the most accurate and conclusive results available at very affordable rates, with payment plans available.

Our DNA collection site is open 7 days a week, or we can come to you—even to the hospital the day after the child is born.  Also, home paternity tests and DNA tests dallas are available upon request.
Whether you need to know for yourself, or for childsupport, birth certificate or immigration reasons, Paternity, Inc. is a laboratory you can trust to deliver accurate, timely results for your paternity testing needs.  Call us if you have questions about DNA Tests Dallas, Paternity Tests Dallas, or to schedule an appointment:  214-766-1336.  Spanish speaking callers please call 888-501-3610.

Paternity Inc. Headquarters:  407 N Cedar Ridge, STE 237, Duncanville, TX 75116 - United States
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